26 January 2021
Gdansk airport lays quite close to the city center if you compare it to other cities in Europe. It is around 15 kilometers. Even though it is not that complicated,
20 January 2021
From all of the attractions that you can see in Gdansk, I made it much easier for you and chose 10 best places you need to see while you are
19 January 2021
Actually, I don't know why I need to convince somebody to come to Gdańsk, but if you still have any doubts, there are 6 reasons why you should come. 1.
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Gdańsk, Sopot Gdynia, Hel Peninsula

  • standard tours
  • active sightseeing (bikes, kayaks)
  • tours with private transportation (Malbork Castle, Museum Stutthof, Hel)
  • city games




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