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3. Shipyard

One of the biggest industries of the communist times in Poland. Also one of the most enormous shipyards in the whole world at that time. Vessels were constructed in this area from the 40' of the 19th century. But Gdansk shipyard is mostly known because of the Solidarity movement, which was the biggest opposition to communists behind the iron curtain. Nowadays those terrains are very popular among people who love nightlife. Industrial streets change into discos, filled up with food trucks, bars in containers, etc. The place that you must see.


What to see in Gdansk

2. Westerplatte

One of the first battlefields of WW2, up to today place-symbol of the begging of the biggest conflict in human history. Before the war in this place, there was a Polish Ammunition depot. At 4:48 1st September of 1939 German Warship, Schleswig Holstein opened fire to begin the war. Polish soldiers were fighting in a small Peninsula, surrounded from every side by Germans for 7 days, even though the order was to fight for 12 hours. Today it shows ruins of some buildings, a small cemetery, one guard-house, and leftovers of ground fortifications.


What to see in Gdansk

1. Main Town

Usually called Old Town (but the Oldest part of Gdansk city today do not look like the oldest) is reconstructed after the war most representative historical part of the city, which impresses tourist the most. Preserved Medieval Urbanization of the city, with the most representative Long street (Długa), panorama view of the old port with a Great Crane in the middle of it, gothic churches, charming narrow streets like Mariacka, Piwna, Św. Ducha. Filled up with local crafters, restaurants, amber shops, and museums.


8. Wisłoujście Fortress

King of Prussia Frederik III The Great once said: whoever controls the river mouth, controls the whole country.
In Medieval times fortress was a lighthouse tower that showed a way to Gdansk port. But Gdansk councilors saw they need to control the entrance to the port. It was growing in different eras and today shows how it was growing in all centuries. 

What to see in Gdansk

7. Gradowa Hill

Leftovers of fortifications from the 17th Century were built on a natural hill surrounding Gdansk. It is very close to the Old Town of Gdańsk and gives a beautiful view of the city. You can also find here an interesting science center that is great fun for the whole family.
See the viewpoint on my movie below.

6. Beaches

What other European city has that long beach? Beautiful gold sand covers the whole length and width of the beach. Everything with a great infrastructure and communication. 

What to see in Gdansk

5. Museums

I can proudly say that Gdansk counts at least two World Class Museums. European Center of Solidarity tells the story about communism times in Poland and Europe. How the Solidarity movement was born in the city and the way Poland was the first country to break from communists block.
World War II museums, shows the world conflict from Poland's point of view.  I also suggest visiting Gdansk Museums (this is the name of them) where you can find:
How Gdansk was ruled - Main Town city hall museum
What is an amber - The Amber Museum
How people of Gdansk were living centuries ago - Dom Uphagena
Where the richest people were deciding about everything - Arthur's Court Museum
and others... :)


What to see in Gdansk

4. Oliwa districts and Cathedra

Gothic Cathedra where inside you can see and hear one of the most beautiful organs in Poland, Europe, and even the world. Counting more than 8000 different pipes and 100 registers instrument in narrow old cathedra gives a wonderful show. People from all around the world come to the city during the organ festivals. After the concert, I suggest seeing the park nearby and the streets of Oliwa district where a lot of the buildings are older than 100 years.

What to see in Gdansk

What to see in Gdansk
20 January 2021

10 places to see in Gdańsk

From all of the attractions that you can see in Gdansk, I made it much easier for you and chose 10 best places you need to see while you are in the city. The ranking is my subjective opinion. For the first place, you need to scroll down:)


10. Wrzeszcz district

One of the oldest Gdańsk districts, once a few estates with rich manors. Up to today some of the manors still exist and a lot of the district preserved the looks from before World War II. Today narrow streets host a lot of fancy restaurants and are very popular especially by the locals. The streets from Wrzeszcz are known on the whole world as Gunther Grass (Noble Prize Award Winner) put them in his books. 


9.  Zaspa Monumental art Galerry 

The typical district from the times of communism in Poland. Grey blocks were constructed in the whole of Poland in 70' of the last century. When Poland got freedom in 1989 districts like that started to change. Some of them got insulation and were painted in some colors. Moreover, from 1997 local and Polish artist started to paint huge monumental collection that today counts more than 50 and is made by artists from different parts of the world. 

What to see in Gdansk