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4) Private BUS

If you came to the city with your friends, family or company you may consider taking a private bus. From 7 people to 60 it can be the cheapest way of traveling.

20 minutes. Even when there is heavy traffic it shouldn't take longer than  30 minutes. Buses may not come directly to every hotel (check it with your hotel or me :-))

7 people minivan: 100 PLN
18 people bus: 400 PLN
50 people bus: 700 PLN
60 people bus: 750 PLN
What a help with arranging it? Write to me here (

5) Car Rental

As all around the world, you can rent a car at the airport. There are different companies offering rental, which you'll find here.

2) Taxi

Probably the easiest and fastest way. Taxis are waiting in front of the terminal on the taxis stops. Remember that taxis should have:
- Taxi sign
- Cost sheet hanging on the right back seat window.
- Taximeter turned on and working during the ride
- Give you a receipt after the ride.
All around the world taxi drivers like to cheat foreign customers. If you will follow these stops nothing will happen.


It shouldn't cost more than 50 PLN (around 11 Euros) in a standard taxi. If you take premium it will cost more. 
The standard tariff looks like below: 
6,80 PLN Initial charge
2,20 PLN every Kilometer
There are different tariffs at nights and weekends.

20 minutes. Even when there is heavy traffic it shouldn't take longer than  30 minutes.

3) Uber

Yes, we have Uber, Bolt in Gdansk, and cities nearby (like Sopot, Gdynia).  

around 40 PLN (depends on the current tariff)

20 minutes. Even when there is heavy traffic it shouldn't take longer than  30 minutes.


How to get to Gdansk Old Town from the airport
26 January 2021

How to get from Gdansk Airport to the Gdansk Old Town?

Gdansk airport lays quite close to the city center if you compare it to other cities in Europe. It is around 15 kilometers. Even though it is not that complicated, I have prepared a list for you. From this article, you will find out how can you get to Gdansk Old Town, what things you should watch out and what is the estimated cost.

1) Public transportation

The cheapest one and also... the longest one. There are two options you can choose from. Both go towards the Gdansk main Railway Station called in Polish: Gdańsk Główny. From there you have usually up to 20 minutes' walk to every hotel in the Old Town.

Metropolitan Train

The red station that you will see in front of the exit of the Airport is a place where you need to starts. Trains take of the station every 20-30 minutes. You need to go in the direction of Gdansk Wrzeszcz... yes it means there is one change. In the station of Gdansk Wrzeszcz, you need to change a platform (to platform III)  and then you will get to Gdansk Glowny which usually is a place of destination to the Old Town. 

Normal Tariff 4,40 PLN (1 Euro) Bilet Miejski. 
You can buy it in the machines on the platform, on a train at the inspector. If you buy a paper ticket in a kiosk or ticket office remember that you need to validate the ticket in the machine on the platform BEFORE you get on a train. 
You can also try to download apps like 'Skycash' where you can buy tickets online. 
around 45 minutes (you need to add a walk to your place of accommodation)

I would not suggest taking a train on your first day in the city. Even though the road is lovely and it is a nice way of exploring the city of Gdansk. It gets quite complicated with the tickets and you need to change platforms.


After you get out of Gdansk Airport Terminal you need to go behind the Train station, and on your right side, you'll find a bus stop. 
You need to take Bus number 210 heading towards Dworzec Glowny (which means Main Railway station). 

3,80 PLN (less than 1 Euro)
You can buy a ticket in a machine at the bus stop. If you buy a ticket in a kiosk you need to validate it on a bus. You can use an app (list in  the link)

It takes 36 minutes (according to the schedule), but usually, it lasts around 50 minutes (plus the walk to the place of accommodation). Of course, if there is no traffic. Buses take off every 30-40 minutes.