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Gdańsk, Sopot Gdynia, Hel Peninsula

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from 430 PLN

around 2.5 km

2-3 hours

This tour is for the people who came here only for a quick getaway or for the people who never had a guided tour. In 2-3 hours, you will get to know the most important history of the city and find the way, how to discover it on your own later. During the trip, we will walk through the most important places of historical Old Town. We'll get to know Gdansk's history, architecture, and famous Gdansk citizens. You will also find out why this 1000 years old city was very important not only for the history of Poland but even the whole world. First of all, in the 17th century, it was the biggest and richest city in the Polish Republic. Then it was a place where the Second World War had started in Europe. Most importantly, it was a place where the Solidarity movement was created, the first opposition to communist regimes behind the Iron Curtain.

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