Solidarity tour - Polish roads to freedom

Gdansk shipyard during the times of communism was one of the biggest industries in the whole Poland. In beetween shipyard walls 17 thousands of workers were constructing ships. It was fifth biggest shipyard at a whole world in the 60 of last Centrury. It was also a place were huge strikes occured, espacially when the situation in Polish Peoples Republic was not good. Most important happend in 1980, which ended up in Gdansk agreement, where communist signed 21 demands created by protesters. For the first time behind the Iron Curtain, free from communist partry self-governing trade union was created. It gathered inside the organization 10 milion of Polish citizens (out of 32 in total) and became biggest opposition to communist in the countries under the influence of USSR. Nine years later, Poland was the first country that broke communism.
On this tour you will explore:
- Polish history after WW2
- complicated history of Gdansk shipyard and Gdansk
- original buildings were people from that times worked
- stories of icons (Lech Walesa, Anna Walentynowicz...)
- current and future situation of shipyard
- historical buildings from the inside

As an extra we can go to European Center of Solidarity for a guided tour inside the exibition

around 3 h

2km - 3km

from 250 PLN per group

Group size:
Extra info:
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