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Gdańsk, Sopot Gdynia, Hel Peninsula

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History of Gdansk counts more than 1000 years of history. With such a rich history, also a lot important things for the history of Poland, Europe and even the World took part here. First of all it was the richest and the biggest city of Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania in XVII century. Second of all it's a city that became a problem beetween Poland and Third Reich, and that is why Hitler wanted to start a war here. Finally a place where Solidarity Trade Union was established which led to creating biggest oppostion to communists behind Iron Curtain.

Every museum tells a different story about the city. You can choose a museum from a list below:

- European Center of Solidarity - history of Poland after WW2 up to partly free elections in Poland in 1989. Exibition presents times of Polish Peoples Republic, strikes and situation in other countries behind Iron Curtain see:

- Second World War Museum - a place where you can spend even 8 hours and still you will not see everything. History of a war with a focus on Poland

- Sttuthof Museum - camp from a Second World War created by Nazis. Created to vanish Polish intelectuals and make Pomerania region completely German. Then part of "Final Solution" of Jewish Problem. From 110 thousands of prisoner 65 thousands never made it out. See:

- Dwór Artusa, Artus Court - gothic hall where brotherhoods were meeting. Presenting life of wealthiest people from XV to XVIII century.

- Ratusz Głównego Miasta, Main Town Cityhall - how the old Gdansk from the golden age of the city was ruled. With one of the greatest pieces of art

- Dom Uphagena - house of XVIII century merchant with original interiors

- Amber Museum - Baltic Gold exibition shows amber in a nature, jewelery, history of art and modern creations see:

You can book a guided tour using a form below. If you want desired tour with a few different museums, just write what are your interests and i will prepare offer for you.

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