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2km - 3km

around 3 h

We know the history of Gdansk for more than 1000 years and as long as we know that the city exists, we know that beer is produced here and drunk. Actually, it was one of the most important crafts in the old Gdańsk and brewers had a high position in society. To realize how important the craft was, imagine that in the XVI century there were 150 breweries, right now we have 5... and the only way to try their beer is to buy it in the place of production. Let me invite you to the 3 different places, where you will taste good beer, get to know the process of beer crafting with real beer crafters, and get to know the city of Gdańsk from a beer point of view.

- visit in 3 different places, with a prelection made by beer crafter (in one place)

- 8 different beers (6 x 125ml, 1 x 50 ml, 1 x 0,5l) including the Gdansk Jopen, pils, baltic porter, witbier, and others / small beer snacks in the last place.

Tasting real Gdansk beer tour