Stutthof museum tour
German concetration camp from Second World War

Camp was founded on the 2nd of September 1939 and was working for the next 2077 days. It was liberated in 9th of May 1945. During that time 110 thousands of inmates were held inside. 65 thousands never came out.

Today exibition presents former barracks for inmates, commanders building, gas chamber and crematorium. It tells a story about camp live, German war machine, situtation in Pomerania region during the war, liberation of the camp.

Tour includes:
- 1,5 h tour in Museum
- 20 minutes movie in museum cinema
- transportation from Gdańsk to museum and back (price depends on size of a group)

up to 4 h

2 km walk

from 750 PLN

Number of people:
Extra info:
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