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Gdańsk, Sopot Gdynia, Hel Peninsula

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  • active sightseeing (bikes, kayaks)
  • tours with private transportation (Malbork Castle, Museum Stutthof, Hel)
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from 150 PLN/pp

3 km - ??

from 1 h

When you are in a harbour city the best way to explore it is from a water point of view. Rich thousand years history of the city meets pleaseures and sights of water fun. Everything with a care of cityguide. Choose one of the possibilities below:

Kayak tour - active and fun way of sightseeing. From kayak we can see almost everything, because it also can get everywhere.

Boat, Galar - smaller units up to 10 people

Yacht, catamarans - exclusive cruises up 24 people

Pirate Galeons - ticket on a cruise or exclusive cruises for a bigger groups

What you will see?

Of course it depends on how much time you have and a unit you choose.

Kayak: Medieval Port, XVII century fortifications and a moat, shipyard

Boats: Medieval Port, Shipyard, Westerplatte Peninsula

Exclusive tours on a bigger units: Medieval Port, Shipyard, Westerplatte Peninsula, Gdansk Bay.

Write how many people you have and I will send you an offer.

Gdansk from the water side