Gdansk Amber Tour

Amber is a precious gemstone, our Baltic Gold. In reality it is a 40 millon years old fosillized resin, which right now creates beatiful stones that you can easily find on the beach after big winter storms. Amber is not only used in jewelery, but also as cosmetics, healing treatment and art. We will start out tour by visiting gothic church, where i will show you Amber Altar, biggest thing created from an amber on the world. Then will go through old streets of to enjoy climate of the town. Next step is planned in amber museum, where we are going to see how amber was created, how it looks in nature, what you can create from it. To reach the final place i will walk you through the stores of local crafters where you will have an occasion to see some modern ambert art. Last point of out tour is a visit in amber store, where local craftmen will show you how to create jewelery from raw material, how to find out if it is real or fake amber and answer all the questions you will have about it.

If you have some extra time and it is Autumn or Winter, we can go to the beach of Gdansk to look for an amber :).

around 3 h


from 300 PLN group

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