Gdansk bike trip

One of the best ways to see Gdansk is to do a bike trip. This way we can see the most important places for the history of Gdansk and actively spend time. What we will see on this trip?
- Gdansk Old Town - Medieval Port,
- Shipyard area - the place where Solidarity Trade Union was created, the biggest opposition to communists behind Iron Curtain
- Polish Post Office in the Free State of Gdansk - one of the first battlefields of WW2
... and everything that is in between.

In the extended tour, we can even go to Westerplatte (the first battlefield of WW2 in Europe), the beachside area, Sopot (Polish most famous resort), Zaspa (Monumental Art district), and much more.

Usually, we start our trip in Gdansk Old Town, but I am making trips on demand and prepare a program dedicated to the group. I can deliver bikes to the hotel and take them from another place, arrange transportation, etc.

from 2 h

5km - ???

from 50 PLN/pp

Group size:
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